Tesla’s Idle Fee: What is it and how do you avoid it?

April 3, 2024
  • Idle fees kick in 5 minutes after you finish charging a Tesla at a Supercharger. Then, for every minute that you stay plugged in, you pay an idle fee.
  • Unfortunately, the idle fee cost is quite expensive. Oftentimes, it is double the rates of the actual charging itself. So once you’re done charging, please unplug the charging cable.

Tesla enforces the idle fee to prevent people from hogging a charging station and to make room for others that are waiting to charge their car. Let’s give you a real-life example of an idle fee…Let’s say you rented a Tesla! You charge your Tesla at a Supercharger. You’re unaware of idle fees, so you grab some dinner. You leave your car and two hours later, you come back to your vehicle fully charged. Sounds great!… right? Well, you look at your bill when you returned the car and you incurred $47.94 in Supercharging costs. $30 of that came from idle fees. Here’s what the cost breakdown might look like:

We don’t like to charge our renters the idle fee, and we feel bad so we even cover this fee for our renters sometimes. Hertz would never do that, but anyways.

For your own wallet’s sake, please move the car once it’s done charging. You’ll receive a notification on the Tesla app when the car is almost done charging.

We give all of our renters access to the Tesla through the Tesla app. For your reference, you can check your charging history details by opening the Tesla app, selecting “Account,” then “Charging,” then “History.”

We wrote this blog article to help raise awareness of Tesla idle fees, because it’s very costly and car rental companies will bill you for idle fees.

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