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Welcome to Carview East Vancouver
A Transporter immediately greets you and hands you the key once you arrive.
Get from point A to point B in a beautiful experience.
EV Rentals in Vancouver, BC.

Why choose us

Making car rentals more badass. Badass: quick, and clean.

Upon arriving to our rental cars, an associate verifies your drivers license and hand you the key right away.

As we operate out of parking lots, we don't have rental counters. That means we save money, so we can pass the cost savings onto you!
Having the option to travel at your own convenience unlocks freedom. And it helps when the car is comfortable. The two pillars of our values are speed and comfort.

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  • Lightning fast pickup and return
    Don't wait for your car. When you come to get the car, your time is important, so we hand you the keys and we're on our way. At drop-off, you can return the car flexibly with any battery percentage, with at least 40%.

  • Impeccably clean cars
    Total comfort in your ride and experience. Look forward to entering your car, as we make the car feel as if it is your own. We follow a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process after each rental.

  • Cost-efficient
    By running our operations efficiently, we can pass the cost savings to our customers. And as the cars age, we keep them in our fleet, but they will still be in quality condition. The deposit is $500, offering you more peace of mind for your money.

Valued renters flying into the YVR Airport:
A Transporter guides you to your car!

Above: Domestic Arrivals at the YVR Airport
Below: International Arrivals at the YVR Airport

What other people say about Carview:

Very attentive and helpful service. Vehicle was in immaculate condition on pickup. Would highly recommend.


The car was clean and very nice prepared! Very comfortable. The cooperation with the owner was super quick and easy.


Excellent trip. Carview was excellent. Met at the airport and ready when I cleared and got my baggage. Car was immaculately cleaned. Very responsible to any issues and went well above and better and to make the trip enjoyable. Highly recommended.


Though extremely rare, our renters don’t have to worry about causing accidental curb rashes on the rim. Just as long as the scrapes are aesthetic only and don’t at all affect the safety or drivability of the car. Comfort for our renters is one of our core values.


With that being said, we are not right for you: if you need perfection! We recommend exotic car rental companies in Vancouver if you need for a totally tailored experience. We cannot cater to those with unrealistically high expectations. Again, we cannot overemphasize enough how much we really do not desire the business of those with unrealistically high expectations, as they’re always going to be let down, no matter what. We recommend Zerosa Car Rental or West Coast Car Rentals for your tailored needs. If you’re staying at a hotel that has a lot of fancy cars and you need to fit in, we recommend renting from SIXT. It’s not until we get higher end cars that we would recommend you rent from us if you’re staying at an ultra decked out hotel with valet!


How do I get billed for Tesla Supercharging?
Supercharging will be billed to our renters after their rental finishes, with no markup in fees. What you pay at Superchargers is what we invoice you directly. We will charge the credit card you have on file at the end of the rental period.

Note: to save money at Superchargers, beware of expensive idle fees. Idle fees kick in 5 minutes after you finish Supercharging.

Are there charges for additional distance?
To maintain cost-efficiency, additional distance is charged after 300 km per day, at $0.3 km per km. This gets added up and invoiced at the end of your rental.
300 km examples: Vancouver to Victoria and back, Vancouver to Squamish and back.

What is the minimum age I need to be to rent a car?
Following Turo's footsteps in this age range, renters must be at least 25 to rent. We do often recommend Hertz or Zerocar for Tesla rentals as well, keeping in mind a young driver fee may apply from them.

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