How to quickly charge a Polestar 2 in Canada

March 22, 2024

Here’s the short, 1 minute guide:

1) Download an app called Flo EV charging. Register, and add $10.

2) On the Flo app, filter for “Available” and “DC FAST.” Now, drive to the nearest charging station.

3) Plug in the charger, then press START SESSION on the Flo app.

4) After you’re done charging, press the button next to the charging port on the Polestar. Unplug the cable after you hear a click sound.

Yeehaw! You’ve charged your Polestar 2.

BUT... in case you want more info, here are the detailed instructions on how to charge your Polestar 2:

1) Setup:

Download an app called Flo EV Charging. Register and add a payment method in the app. We recommend putting just $10 to begin with. (Flo is the one and only app that we recommend for charging).

2) Locate a Charging Station: There are 2 ways to do this:

- On the Polestar touchscreen, touch on Google Maps. Next, touch on the charging icon to see charging stations. We recommend BC Hydro stations—those ones are 50kW chargers—which take around 45 minutes to charge a Polestar from 20-70% charge.

- You can also open the Flo app, and click on the “Network” tab to view a map with nearby charging stations. Select the “Available” and “DC FAST” filters. Then, you can drive to any of those stations.

3) Start Charging:

- Press on the charging port flap to open it up. Plug in the charger to the Polestar until you hear a slight click sound.  

- Click “START SESSION” in the Flo app. Make sure it matches the charging station that you’re at.

- Once you start the charging, you’ll know if it’s successfully charging when the Polestar charging light indicator turns fully green (NOT a yellow-greenish color).

*If the charger is NOT working, you may want to hold onto the charger and lift it up a bit while it’s “initializing” the charge from the EV charger to the Polestar. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably an issue with the charging station itself unfortunately. In this case, the best option would be to go another charging station.

4) Finish Charging:

- Click on the button on the right of the charging port of the Polestar. (Highlighted in red in the image below).

- Wait 5 seconds until the charging indicator light stops blinking, then you can unplug the charger from the Polestar. You will also stop paying for charging once the charger is unplugged.

Yeehaw! You’re all charged up now. Now hit the road. Or, rent a Polestar 2 from Carview if you’re curious.

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