How to charge a Tesla Model 3

March 22, 2024

Step 1. Locate a Tesla Supercharger

  • On the touchscreen, open up the map. Then tap on the Charging icon ( it looks like a lightning bolt ⚡).

Step 2. Get GPS directions to your desired Supercharging station

  • You can now tap on any Supercharger.
  • If you tap on the icon, it’ll give you more information about that Supercharging station. If you want directions to get there, tap on the arrow icon. If you don’t want to wait in line for a Supercharger, look for Superchargers with the red icon beside it.

Step 3. Charge the Tesla

  • Pull out the Connector at the Supercharger.
  • Press on the small dot on top of the Connector to open up the charging port.

• Plug in the Connector.

• Once you’re finished, press on the white dot on top of the Connector, then pull out the Connector. You will also stop paying for charging once the charger is unplugged.


Please be careful of idle fees at Supercharging stations. Idle fees are very expensive. (Idle fees start racking up when you stay plugged in for 5 minutes after the Tesla is done Supercharging).

Supercharging is billed to the owner of the Tesla’s credit card. Tesla does not let people change this setting at the moment. So if you’re renting a Tesla, the rental car company usually bills the renter’s credit card at the end of the trip, with no mark-up.


Here are detailed instructions on how to charge the car if you‘re NOT at a Supercharger station:

1) Setup:

Download an app called Flo EV Charging. Register and add a payment method in the app. We recommend putting just $10 to begin with.

2) Locate a Charging Station:

- You can also open the Flo app to view a map that shows nearby charging stations. Select the filters “Available” and “DC Fast” for fast charging.

3) Initiate Charging:

- Press on the charging port flap to open it up.

- There are two adapters in the trunk of the Tesla. Plug in the appropriate adapter to the Tesla charging port. Make sure it is tight and snug in there.

- Now plug the actual charger into the adapter until you hear a slight click sound.  

- Press “Start” in the Flo app on the charging station you’re at. This initializes the charge. Once the Tesla logo on the right side of the charging port turns green, you’re all good.

*If it’s not working, you may want to hold onto the charger and lift it up a bit while it’s “initializing” the charge to the Tesla. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably an issue with the charging station itself, unfortunately. In this case, the best option would be to go another charging station.

4) Finish Charging:

- Press on the latch of the charger that you’re using. Wait a few seconds until the Tesla logo turns into a white color.

- Unplug the charger and the adapter from the Tesla. You will also stop paying for charging once the charger is unplugged.

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